Artisans and Social Ministries – Practical Help and Spiritual Welfare –

The Ackermann Family is stationed in Israel and provides practical help combined with social care.

Familie Ackermann

“Each and every time a Holocaust survivor opens their door to a German and allows us to work in their home marks the beginning of a miracle.”

Working together in unity with the ‘Saxon Friends of Israel’, who send out teams of volunteer artisans and D.I.Y. enthusiasts several times a year, making, building, repairing and decorating has evolved not only into a efficient system of practical help for many Holocaust survivors in and around Hadera, but also enables us to reach out to them and provide social care and spiritual comfort.

The Ackermanns and their children have been based in Maor, a ‘Moshav’ near Hadera, since 2014.  Henoch Ackermann speaks good Hebrew and has a wide circle of local contacts, he is therefore able to prepare and co-ordinate the work schedules as well as taking part in the practical work himself.

Encounters between the helpers and the survivors is quite often extremely moving.  Friendships are formed and the words ‘Please come and visit me again’ are quite commonly heard.

Helping those in need has taken on several faces; from assistance with filling out German Pension applications; taxi services (free of charge); small group events and meetings; preparing presents; right down to plain and simple visiting and ministries too numerous to mention!