The father
is the person
who confirms the
identity of the child
A father calls
the man in a boy-child
into being
He just needs to be there
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Show us the father

The figure of the father is the mainstay that strengthens a family. Children receive life through the father and thereafter look upon the father figure as the source of their identity and purpose in life. A child will always harbour a longing in their heart to find their origin – to find their father.

Children will, no matter how old they are, always long to find their father so that they may discover their real self. The role that God has given fathers is of immense importance; there is no other person who can be substituted for ‘a father’. The father is the person who confirms the identity of the child. It is the role of the mother to give comfort and provide emotional and physical security. The father is responsible for confirming gender and purpose of the child. The voice of the father calls out to the child that they may take part in Life. A father calls the man in a boy-child into being, and he calls the woman in a girl-child into being.

It is of vital importance that the farther of a family be present. He need not be a
wealthy man, he need not be physically attractive, he does not need to be
particularly talented or especially well-educated or indeed intelligent.


He just needs to be there. All the qualities listed here are perhaps an asset, but they are not necessary. A father may possess all the attributes mentioned, but if he is not there for his family, they will suffer deep inner wounds. A father may be physically present, but not present with his whole heart. He may be preoccupied with his work or just simply too tired to communicate with his wife and children when he is at home.

Many children grow up with a deep-rooted feeling that they have been abandoned, or with a sense of inadequacy and self-deprecation, merely because their father was never there. Fatherless families are on the increase worldwide as never before. Father are missing everywhere, not only in the broken patchwork families of the western world, they are missing in Africa, in Asia and in South America – about two-thirds of the world! These continents have numerous children, but hardly any fathers.

The world is crying out for the love of the true father!

God the Father is the source of all life and His desire is to see each and every father showing the true entity of His love to all children.
A man named Phillip once said the following to Jesus;
“Lord, show us the Father and it will be sufficient.” (John 14;8)
This statement tells us that if we acknowledge the Father in Heaven, everything
missing, everything we thirst after will be given! Every child ever born is inwardly crying “Show us the father”. Every father is privileged, every father can bring the Father in Heaven nearer to every child. Every child in the world should have a good feeling about their ‘Dad’ and long to be enclosed in his loving arms.