Orphanages in Romania

Romania covers an area of 240,000 square kilometres, making it the largest country in south-east Europe.   The population is approximately 21.7 million and it is estimated that about two million of them live and work abroad, as they are either not able to get reasonably well-paid jobs at home.   Twenty-five percent of Romanians are living at or below the national poverty line.  Hunedoare is one the the poorest regions in the whole of the European Union, the people there earn roughly 230 € a month, whereby the cost of living has been raised to conform with EU standards.  Many families are existing on a bare minimum, and consequently sinking into a sea of hopelessness.

The home parents

These families need help, especially the children, teenagers and young adults.  They need to be given a new perspective and new hope.  They need the complete inward change which they can find through the Loving Father in Heaven and in His Son Jesus, the Loving Shepherd.

Our partners, the children’s charity IOSUA, care for round about fifty children in two orphanages.  These children’s parents are either deceased or are not able to offer a secure home.  Many homes are devastated and offer no future prospects.

The homes are run by Viorel and Nicoletta Lela.  They decided many years ago that they could not possibly just look the other way and ignore the need all around them, and so have devoted their lives and their resources to caring for these children.

We would be delighted to hear from readers wishing to do voluntary work in the homes for any period of time, so please contact us.