... our creator god
is a good father!

Our Heavenly Father - a Role Model for Parenthood

We do not find very many references the task of bringing up children in the Holy Scriptures.  However, those we do find tell us that our Father who created us is a good father, and that we are His children. This is the key to a healthy approach to raising children.

God’s character and the way He treats His creation and His children is the very best role model for parents.

Three basic ways of dealing with the people God has created:

Unconditional Love

‘…but the unloving know nothing of God. For God is love.’  1.John 4,8

‘Such a hope is no mockery, because God’s love has flooded our inmost heart through the Holy Spirit He has given us.’ Romans 5,5

God’s Guidance and His Directions

‘I will teach you and guide you in the way you should go.  I will keep you under my eyes.’
Psalm 32; 8

His consequences

 ‘Do not behave like a horse or a mule, unreasoning creatures, whose course must be checked with bit and bridle.’  Psalm 32,9

God comes to us with His love, He guides and directs us, He shows us where we go wrong and corrects our mistakes. This is exactly how we should treat our children, with love and understanding. Leading them towards independence, but also teaching them to obey rules and regulations whenever necessary.