Foundations in Raising children

Three Important Elements in Raising Children:

– Unconditional Love – Children must Feel Safe and Secure

The most basic requirement when bringing up children is that they are given the feeling of being not just physically but also emotionally safe and secure.  A sense of basic trust and strong self-esteem are vital assets when facing the challenges of life.

– A Togetherness with Rules, Regulations and Directions within Family Life

A child has the right to be well-prepared to cope with whatever life may bring. We do not learn independence, reliability and the ability to form relationships automatically.  We need instruction and training or we will not be able to deal with everyday situations as an independent adult. 

– Boundaries Set with Loving Authority

Even the very best-behaved and well-brought up children will at times cross boundaries – they will make mistakes and behave disrespectfully.  Most of us learn a lot from our mistakes and from the unpleasant consequences which inevitably follow!  Whether the up-bringing has been a success or not can often be seen in the way that children handle positive and/or negative consequences – that is whether or not they have learned to accept the results of certain behaviour.